Top 3 Improv Games for ANY Level. Can You Guess?

1) Park Bench

Directions: Two characters sit on a park bench. One character's motivation is to get the other character off the bench without physically touching them. They can use ANY objective to get the other character off the bench. The other character has to honesty decide when they would leave the bench based on the actions of the other character. This game asks actors to be real, think on their feet, and meet their objectives. 

Here's a more detailed description.

Why it's great: Meet objectives, quick! 

2) Freeze Frame

Directions: Two characters must start  scene based on a physical starting position. They must build a story around this position, and jump right into a scene. The audience participates by yelling "freeze" and replacing one actor in the scene, starting right up with a new scene based on the frozen frame.

Here's a more detailed description.

Why it's great: Scene arch!

3) Party Quirks

Directions: Always a favorite! Party quirks involves 3 characters attending a party invited by a host. Each character has a particular "quirk" that the host doesn't know. Throughout the scene, the host must try to figure out what each party goers quirk is by interacting and playing in the scene with them. 

Here's a more detailed description!

Why it's great: Character development!

Need help thinking of characters for these improv games? No problem! Download our 100 character guide, plus objectives, and scene starters here.