How To Create a Show Program in Google Docs

How To Create a Show Program in Google Docs

If you’re already using Google Docs you probably know how great it is for collaboration, version control, and editing. Unlike Microsoft Word or Indesign (other popular ways to create a show program) you can share your Google documents and get feedback and edits from others. 

Lately, I’ve been creating amazing show programs in Google Docs and downloading in PDF to print because I can share the program beforehand with the director, and marketing team to make sure we’ve covered all our bases. 

If you’re working out of Microsoft Word currently, I’d recommend taking a look at Google Docs. If you create your programs out of Indesign, this may be a little too simple for you. 

The best part is creating show programs is VERY easy in Google Docs, and isn't difficult to learn at all. 

Check out this guide to create your own program in Google Docs. 

Step 1: Create a new Google document. 

Log into your Gmail or Google Account and select 'Google Drive', on the left sidebar you'll find a red button labeled 'New'. Click that button and select the Google Document link to open a brand new Google Document. 

Step 2: Page Set Up

You're going to want to turn your document from a portrait orientation to a landscape orientation. Select 'File' > 'Page Set Up' and a pop-up box will open. Click on the 'Landscape' orientation. 

I'd also recommend changing your margins all to .5 inch. This allows for more space for your text and images. 

Step 3: Create your table to act as columns 

Programs are typically an 8 1/2 x 11 in piece of paper folded in half with information on both sides. To maintain this style we create text boxes that will act as guides and an easy way to format the columns. 

Select 'Table' > 'Insert Table' and choose two cells side-by-side. 

Step 4: Insert text and images

Insert your title page, cast list, scene list, copyright, director's note and any images. A best practice is to have all of this information in another document and copy and paste it into the Google Docs program. 

Here's a list of sections for your program:

  • Title page with show dates and times
  • Director's note
  • Scene list
  • Cast list
  • Cast bios
  • Production crew list
  • Special thanks

Extra: Include information on upcoming productions to begin promoting them!

To prepare this document for formatting, insert your sections in a vertical zig-zag order to get the back/front page printing just right. 

Here's how to layout the document best for print.

Each number represents the order of the pages when printed front and back and folded into a booklet:

Hint: It's easiest to have multiplies of 4 total number of pages in your program. 4 pages total, 8 pages total, or 12 pages total. 

Step 5: Prepare to Print

Take one final step before you print and turn off the gridlines on your table. This gives your program a clean look without the guide lines you used. 

Go to 'Table' > 'Table Properties' and remove the color from your gridlines. 

Now you're ready to print! You can either download this document as a PDF to print, or print directly from Google Docs. I typically download it as a PDF so I can access it offline if I need to. 

Select 'File' > 'Print'. Remember to select 'two-sided' in your print set-up if you're printing it yourself! 

And that's how you create a program in Google Docs! 


If you're interested in learning how to create beautiful programs yourself to really amp up the show experience we're launching an entire course on the subject. 

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