5 Interesting Ways to Play with Your Monologues

5 Interesting Ways to Play with Your Monologues

You have your dramatic, comedic, and classic monologue ready to go at a moments notice, right? Good job, actor! Keep them fresh by pulling them out once in a while. And instead of practicing with them… play with them. Take the time find new values, beats, phrasing, and emotion in your words. Let your monologues breathe a little. We find playing with our monologues keeps them from becoming stagnant and, dare we say it… over-rehearsed?! 

Some of these sound a bit kooky. But, hey, we did use the word interesting in the title. Give them a try with your monologue or in your classroom. See what new moments you’ll discover.

1. Whisper it into a corner

Seriously, go to a corner and whisper your monologue like you’re revealing a secret. Feel how intimate the experience is. Just you, softly saying the words aloud. It’s awkward, but push through. This practice will help you build an authentic voice, to really get to know the words you’re giving life to.