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Achieve Production 
Process Perfection 

without imploding in on
yourself to get there

Can't off-off-off Broadway be incredible too?

You're an educational theatre. A community theatre. A fringe festive. A local theatre company. And you're tired of reinventing the wheel each production to get your show put together.

You're operating on a non-Broadway budget but you've got the potential to make your next production a gamechanger for your program. If only you could get over all the production overwhelm that rises up - from casting right, getting into rehearsal flow, managing all the production elements, budget, promotions, ticketing, oh and maybe concessions, merch, sponsorships, and ohmygoshmyheadisspinninghelpme.

Let's imagine together...

  • You've got each piece of your production process planned out months in advance so you know exactly how you're tracking at any given time.
  • Your time is actually spent on the creative process and crafting a brilliant show, not on the administrative slog that eats up all those precious moments during your rehearsal days. 
  • It's not a one-and-done stroke of amazing luck, you have a repeatable system to create a professional-grade production every. single. show.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you achieve that production process perfection.

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the:
If you're ready to achieve professional-level productions,


 Having the production process "systemized" is kind of like having Google Maps directing you each step of the show.

"Turn right" or "post your audition sign up form", "Turn left" or "fill in the production meeting notes". Each direction helping you get to the next stage of your production at the exact right moment. 

It's not rocket science, but it does get really hard to see the right way forward when you're in the thick of rehearsals and production planning and promotions... That is why professional productions operate off a system of steps to get to opening night. 

When you use the Pro Production Bundle...

A disorganized production plan (if any at all), reacting to the next fire whenever it starts
A step-by-step guide planned out with the exact timing of each production task

Leading with an unprofessional production style that builds bad theatre habits in your students, actors, and crew
Confidence that your production process is exactly what they'd experience in a professional show

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked every single production, like you're living in a bizzaro groundhog day cycle you can't break out
Calm and cool, spending your energy (and all your free time) on the show elements you most enjoy
If you're ready to go from an over-worked, over-whelmed theatre-making zombie to a real show producer, but you just need some help to guide the way...

I created the Pro Production Bundle for you!

The complete production template process to systemize your shows.
So, what is the Pro Production Bundle anyways?

Pro Production Bundle is a 100+ template suite that provides a step-by-step process from Audition to Opening. Nowhere else offers an actual professional-grade production plan to start you off ahead of the curve.

When you use the production templates, you’ll…

  • Have a plan before rehearsals start for every part of the production process.
  • Know when to time certain tasks like casting, promotions, and ticketing.
  • Discover time in the process you never had before because you were so busy in the weeds of every small task.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's what the bundle includes...


Whether it's your first production or 100th, having a production plan is key for success. These templates are plug and play, you build out your production plan based on your own unique process and type of production. 

The Production Planning templates include:

  • Season Planners - Plan out your full season with a calendar overview and a planning grid designed to help you select the perfect season for your program.
  • Production Calendar - Layout your entire production calendar and checklist with our upgraded Production Planner tool.
  • Script Analysis - Prepare your technical production plan with a script analysis tool that outlines every production element from lighting, sound, costumes, direction, and more.
  • Production Meeting Planning - Set up the agenda, notes tracking, and calendar for your entire series of production meetings


Upgrade your audition, callbacks, and casting process to attract the perfect-fit cast for your production. Actors, even student actors, know when they are a part of something special. "Professionalize" and raise the expectations for your audition process and watch the actors rise to the occasion. 

The Audition and Casting templates include:

  • Audition Process Planner - Timing is key for auditions and casting, design your ideal audition process and plan in our smart planner spreadsheet.
  • Audition Form & Sign-Up - Ready to step into the 21st century with a fully digital audition process for your actors? Lose the crazy paperwork for a fully digitized audition sign-up form.
  • Audition & Callback Evaluation Super Sheet - Capture your audition impressions and decisions in one single spreadsheet, set-up to weight audition performance according to your preset rubric. 
  • Casting - Publicize your cast list and capture your confirmed actor's information simultaneously, no more follow up needed by combining the actor agreement, contact info, and conflict calendar into one process. 

Directing, Stage Managing, & Acting

Two secrets to the perfect rehearsal process. One of them I share inside the bundle. And the second one is having your rehearsal plan completely planned & scheduled prior to auditions. Your time is best spent on the creative process during rehearsals, the more you can prepare the plan the more time you can dedicate to the very thing that makes theatre so special. 

The Directing, Stage Managing, and Acting templates include:

  • Directing Analysis Tool - Analyze the script and capture ideas, blocking, beats, and more with the dynamic analysis tool that organizes each note by page and type. 
  • Blocking Break-out - Block out the entire show with our blocking break-out system. Captured so your stage manager can build out the final blocking notations easily.
  • Rehearsal Calendars - Every single type of calendar for your show - monthly, weekly, daily, and technical. 
  • Prompt Book Build-out - Templates for every part of the holy grail - the production prompt book. From blocking, character scene breakdowns, prop lists, rehearsal reports, and much, much more.
  • Acting Analysis & Rehearsal Checklist - Help actors to prepare with dynamic analysis tools, rehearsal checklists, and character building worksheets.

Costumes, Lighting, Props & Sound

Ready to turn your technical management around? Whether you're a one-person tech team, work with volunteers, or paid staff. As the production lead, you need to know how every production element is shaping up at every moment.  

The Costume, Lighting, Props, and Sound templates include:

  • Technical Direction - Track, log, and plan out the technical side of your side. Manage your inventory and technical decisions for every production element. 
  • Costuming Charts - Measure, inventory, and manage all the costume and makeup elements including tracking quick changes, character costume pieces, and repairs. 
  • Lighting Cues - Ensure your lighting cues hit their marks every time with cue templates, inventory checks, and dimmer check tracking. 
  • Props Prepped - Prepare, organize, and track the stage movements of every single prop in the show with pre-set lists, inventory, and repair templates. 
  • Sound on Stage - Design your production soundscape and then track the right cues with the sound prep templates.

Theater Management, Box Office & Marketing

The audience experience is everything, but one of the least considered parts of the production process. No more. Grow your theatre program's following with an upgraded audience experience from marketing and promotions, box office, customer service, and theatre management. 

The Theater Management, Box Office, and Marketing templates include:

  • Marketing Master Calendar - Plan out every promotion with the master marking calendar, complete with sample marketing plans for plays and musicals. 
  • Show Program & Graphics Templates - Build a professional show program with our three show template styles and get your promotions on point with over 20 graphic templates for flyers, posters, social media, and more in the web's best graphic design platform (and totally free!) Canva.
  • Volunteer Management Process - Build out a volunteer or usher program for your production with sign-up forms, and assignment tracking. 
  • Ticketing Tracking - Track your tickets and revenue for each show, including any comp, sponsored, or VIP ticket tiers.
  • Performance Reports - Help the performance run just as rehearsed with pre-performance checklists and the performance report templates.
We've built implementation into every template to make sure you reach the finish line...

Each template comes with a video tutorial to show you exactly how to use it. Plus, helpful tips along the way for making the most of each template.


Your production plan is built for you first so you have the exact path to follow to reach opening night.


You are not alone! You'll have access to ask questions of the Theaterish team made up of theatre folks like yourself! 


Templates come with examples of how to use them in popular shows so you can see exactly how they'll work for your current show.

Be part of the special sale for the
Pro Production Bundle today!
  • 100+ Production Templates, Forms, & Checklists (Valued at $997)  
    • Production Planning from start to finish
    • Auditions & Casting to select the perfect fit every time
    • Directing, Stage Managing, & Acting to bring the show's vision to life
    • Costumes, Lighting, Props & Sound to add full color to the stage
    • Theatre Management, Box Office, & Marketing to have a sold-out house
  • "Plan with me" Tutorial Videos along each step of the process  (Valued at $297)
  • "Auditions to Opening" Production Planner Printable (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: 100+ Promotion Pack Show Graphics ($197)


    Total value: $1,785

Purchase You'll also get access to these bonuses...

The Show Budget Blueprint

A fully editable Google Sheets show budget template. Complete with

✔️  Income and Expenses auto-calculating spreadsheet

✔️  Template spreadsheet with actual show expense items

✔️  Expense List Tracking - includes receipt log!

✔️  Ticket sales forecasting for both single and varied ticket pricing structures

✔️  Sponsorship forecasting calculator

✔️  Program ad sales forecasting sheet

($97 value)

100+ Theatre Promotion Templates

Promote your show with over 100+ social media & marketing templates all easily editable in

✔️  50+ Facebook and Instagram templates 

✔️  10+ Show Posters + Flyers

✔️  40+ Web and Email graphic templates 

✨  BONUS BRANDING CHECKLIST  Log and track your promotion images with this checklist!

($197 value)
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I'm Jenn. 

The creator of this bundle and founder of 

My theatre degree helped me gain experience but never showed me a system for creating theatre. Never did I see that "production map" laid out in full until I help found a theatre conservatory. 

Our first year in the conservatory we were flying by the seat of our pants, creating things as we went, learning how to educate and inspire our students during the production process -- it was incredible, we were in this zone of flow.

The second-year something felt off... we had all the same elements but the novelty was gone. Now all those things like casting, rehearsal scheduling, show marketing, felt like such a drain. 

... and then it hit me! Why was I letting the administrative muck weigh me down? I knew how a professional production process looked, felt, and functioned.  

So I documented, honed, refined, and crafted a system I still use for productions today. Everything is templated out, I simply fill in with whatever show, vision, and creative choices we're making as part of the new production. Now I get to spend my time on the best part of theatre - crafting an amazing creative experience for cast, crew, and audience. And I want the same for you...Welcome to the Pro Production Bundle.

Are you the right fit?

  • You work in education or community-driven theatre, so the experience for the cast and crew is just as important as the final result. 
  • You've lost a bit of that theatre spark. You know it's there, you feel it spontaneously in rehearsals! But it's fleeting. The weight of everything a production entails is bringing you down.
  • You believe there is a better way. A consistant way. A way that shifts your energy to the creative, not the administrative.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I can't wait to welcome you into the
Pro Production Bundle!
If you're ready to get the *spark* back,


We've got the strategy and tools to bring back that theatre-lovin' feeling. Strange as it sounds the only way out of production funk is through systemizing your process.

We'll show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step with every template you could imagine (seriously, over 100 of them).

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
Buy the Pro Production Bundle Today!
  • 100+ Production Templates, Forms, & Checklists (Valued at $997)  
    • Production Planning from start to finish
    • Auditions & Casting to select the perfect fit every time
    • Directing, Stage Managing, & Acting to bring the show's vision to life
    • Costumes, Lighting, Props & Sound to add full color to the stage
    • Theatre Management, Box Office, & Marketing to have a sold-out house
  • "Plan with me" Tutorial Videos along each step of the process  (Valued at $297)
  • "Auditions to Opening" Production Planner Printable (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus: 100+ Promotion Pack Show Graphics ($197)


    Total value: $1,785