[PRE-ORDER] Theatre Budget Course: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Theatre Budgets


[PRE-ORDER] Theatre Budget Course: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Theatre Budgets

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You've committed to doing a great show, now it's time to become a number wizard so you can figure out how to get the best costumes, great scenery, and even staff to help you stage a brilliant production.

As the #1 requested topic on Theaterish.com, this course will illuminate every part of your show's budget - whether you're a school theatre, community theatre, or professional theatre, and get you into the black.

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The Theatre Budget Course: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Theatre Budgets

Module 1: What Is Your Budget? Mapping Out the Money

Module 2: Setting Up Your Two Key Budgets: Production & Weekly Operating

Module 3: Annual Budget: Putting It All Together!

Module 4: Know Your Numbers At Any Time: The Secret Behind Balance Sheets and P&Ls

Module 5: Using All Your Templates Effectively & Efficiently

BONUS: 50 Ways to Save on Your Theatre Show

TEMPLATES included:

  • Budget Map
  • Annual Budget
  • Production Budget
  • Weekly Operating Budget
  • Plus, bonus templates only available in this course


I paid for the course.. Where is it? Great question! This course launches in Spring 2017 when you'll have access to the first module, and every other module weekly. We'll reach out to you via the email you sign up with to send you the first module.

What if I know nothing about budgets? This course is for you! We're going back to the very basics of budgeting in the theatre just for you!

$20?! That's a great price! What gives? This the first official course we're launching on Theaterish.com and we want to reward those who have been following us for the last two years! $20 is only for pre-sales, afterwards this course will go up to $45.00 indefinitely.

Budgets? Blah! So boring! Why budgeting? Believe it or not, but budgets and budget templates are the #1 requested topic on Theaterish.com! We're listening to your requests! :0)

I have more questions!  We welcome your questions! Reach us here.